Wonderland, the Immersive Experience


An epic trip through Wonderland! Things are going to get surreal. Strangeness abounds and adventure awaits as you enjoy a musical tour of Wonderland, on Alice’s heels. And, oh my, you are late!

Corey Holden (Captain Lucky Mulligan), Kate Martin (Leftenant Emma O’Connell) and Shelli Frew (Haberdashery) have been working for Epic Immersive to develop a new immersive experience called Wonderland. You can find out more over at Epic Immersive’s website.

All three are regular cast members as the Mad Hatter, the March Hare and the Red Queen and helped to develop this epic theatrical experience based on Alice in Wonderland. (We even built the mushrooms and contributed much to the overall set and costume design for the show, as well as some scripting.)

The piece features the music of folk singer/songwriter Akaina Ghosh, and the ensemble will thrill you with their musical diversity. It’s easy to hear why audiences want more music from Akaina, and, wow, does she bring it! (And the whole cast, really, including accordion by our very own Kate Martin and ukulele from Corey Holden and vocals from everyone! We’re so thrilled to be working with all of them!)

We can’t recommend this experience too highly. The tickets sell out within hours of being offered online, so, we recommend you go to Epic Immersive’s page to get on the “Alert Me” list for released tickets on any future extensions!