“My Favorite Things (After Bombs)” 

A submission to Steampunk Hands Around the World
– by Toppy – 

Come and hear the story
Of an unlikely brigade
That is made up of heroes
Someone put on a stage!
They had come to bring the fire
And offend your proper friends;
They have never done a sound check
And rehearsals, who needs ’em?

There is Stupid Robot Puppet Theater,
And some talking mechanical stuff,
Boob fights and beer flights,
Radio plays and muffs…
And if you look really hard with excessive internet searches
you can find some B-roll video of some their excursions.
There is even tale of a Comic of all their hidden lore!
(…And I promise to keep working on it once I go part-time at the store.)

So, when you’re feeling that the world has got you down
Or you have nothing to do
Know that we are here to help you
With our misfit-laden crew.

My favorite submission for Steampunk Hands Around the World 2016 (after my first choice of a buncha bombs (I was told “all bombs” aren’t “steampunk”) is the Aether Brigade! 

Love and ‘splosives, 

#SteampunkHands #SHAW