Radio Theater

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Aether Brigade Lost Recordings

These are brief, non-sequential, radio theater sketches. Email us and let us know what kind of Lost Recordings you would like to hear:
Lost Recordings 0001 – Werewolf Cubs
Lost Recordings 0002 – Coldbath Prison
Lost Recordings 0003 – Time Warp

Aether Brigade Radio Theater

Episode 1: “Welcome to the Circus” – Get it on iTunes or download the .MP3 or .M4A or watch it on YouTube below:

Faux Adverts & Specials

Aethertech Industries Radio Advert 0001 – Fancy Ogre Wee
A holiday poem: The Bender Before Christmas by Sgt. Quintus Emanuel Washington


Long-form, entirely improvisational radio theater and interviews. This project lead to the creation of Lost Recordings and Aether Brigade Radio Theater (above). Originally dubbed the “Aether Brigade Steamcast” and then the “Aether Brigade Aethercast”, all thirteen original episodes are available here. If you only listen to one we suggest one of the last two.
Aether Brigade Aethercast 001: Meet the Aether Brigade!
Aether Brigade Aethercast 002: Colonel Von Siegfried
Aether Brigade Aethercast 003: Live from Steamstock
Aether Brigade Aethercast 004: The Poplock Holmes Affair
Aether Brigade Aethercast 005: Ladies of Steampunk & Gorgon Pubes
Aether Brigade Aethercast 006: The Demonic Witching Eyes of Dr. Brassy Steamington
Aether Brigade Aethercast 007: The Cat Houses of Nervada
Aether Brigade Aethercast 008: Lavautomatons & Succubus Lingerie
Aether Brigade Aethercast 009: Robot Atomic Zombie Men
Aether Brigade Aethercast 010: Lee Presson & the Nails
Aether Brigade Aethercast 011: Too Many Captains, Not Enought Lesbians
Aether Brigade Aethercast 012: Diplomatic Relations with Lesbos
Aether Brigade Aethercast 013: Lucky’s Christmas Lament

Lost Recordings: short-form radio theater.

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