Join the Aether Brigade at the Mystic Midway’s MIDWAYVILLE!

EDIT: Midwayville is currently on hiatus as the production seeks corporate sponsorship. (After three, highly successful performances with plenty of media coverage and high attendance, Midwayville, which was always intended to operate with sponsorships, is pursuing that very resource. Google up Midwayville and check out the multitude of articles, photos, videos, personal accounts of experiences and more! Contact Scott Levkoff at for sponsorship information and help us bring back our love letter to San Francisco.)

2016 June 24th through September — EVERY FRIDAY! — The Mystic Midway’s Midwayville at SoMa StrEat Food Park, San Francisco, CA (Check out this preview video!)

Midwayville Game Cartridge Promo v3Launching June 24th, 2016: join the Mystic Midway, with mighty allies such as the  Aether Brigade, for an interactive game on a grand scale! Like nothing you’ve ever experienced, YOU must share your stories with the faeries, goblins, mystics, clowns and imaginauts of the Midway to earn VALUABLE story currency. Combine your resources with others to unlock new features, new characters and defeat powerful bosses! It’s whimsical! It’s terrible! It’s magical! It’s YOUR story! It’s your MIDWAYVILLE!

TICKETS FOR EVERY FRIDAY, FROM JUNE 24th, ONWARD: available, here, on EventBrite!

Surrounded by SoMa StrEat Food Park’s rotating collection of food trucks, there will be plenty to see, plenty to touch, plenty to eat and drink! So come on down to San Francisco EVERY Friday starting June 24th through September and experience a NEW and different gigantic game every week! Midwayville gameplay chart

Find out more about: the Mystic Midway and SoMa StrEat Food Park!

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