Family Entertainments

Little Girls with Power, photo by Connie Ricca 2012Our goal is to allow the audience to meet adventurous, storybook heroes who have stepped right off the page to greet them. We breathe life into the characters and toss the fourth wall right out the metaphorical window. You get to touch the equipment and ask any questions you might have of these time travelers from the 19th century.

For family shows, our bumbling heroes will tell tall tales of encounters with dragons, robots and airship pirates. We recommend that you allow us the opportunity, not just to allow your audience to see us on stage, but to encounter us in an ambient environment to allow them to meet the heroes of the Aether Brigade and play with our wondrous artifacts from beyond time!

Our family show and ambient entertainment are both perfect for parties, street fairs, conventions, picnic holidays and more. Contact us for booking information: or 530 277 7353