Aether Brigade Live (at the Time)

Lucky & Von Siegfried by Pressure 2013Come see the almost heroic crew of the Time Ship Simultaneous:
Hear their definitely-not-dubious advice! Converse with them and ask questions! Participate in their stories of adventure and calamity! Divert their ennui with the games they play on their long voyages! Toast to something, already! They’re here to save the world and if they can stop indulging their neuroses long enough, they just might.

“They have twisted minds: I worry for their sanity. Funny though.”
— Edgar Alan Poe 1848

These Victorian come dressed to impress, however they have disguises native to all regions of spacetime including the space age, the Summer of Love, the Roaring 20’s, the Renaissance and more!

Lucky vs. Tesla Coil by N. Blackheart 2014Mastering Ceremony

Take your stage host from adequate to hilarious! Let’s face it, anyone can host your show, but a truly charming emcee transforms a stage and gets the audience riled up and exceited for the entertainment you’ve worked so hard to put there. Consider hiring a spokesperson that is both well-dressed and witty to keep your audience engaged and interested! Captain Lucky: a flexible, colorful, and humor-filled host ready with just-that-moment-inspired commentary that reminds the audience why the stage is superior to the video screen! Pair him with another glib character (yours or ours) and watch the memories form that will bring your audience back to the stage over and over.

“Great Scot! What an Irishman!”
–“Doc” Emmett Brown, June 1985

Lucky & Von Siegfried by Pressure 2013Comedy Stage Show

Sketch comedy and interactive games with the Aether Brigade come in both family and adult flavors. The Brigade has a highly adaptable show to fit any need or any stage, frequently creating new content to fit your occasion. Forever glib and highly reactive to audience participation, the crew encourages the audience to speak up and join the process of edification (or drinking, either one). Live shows may include sketch, puppetry, drinking, games, drinking games, accordion music, tea, cocktails, tea cocktails, indelicate women, indelicate men, indelicate robots and possibly a villain, yet fear not! The Aether Brigade is on the job! …Right after tea. And cocktails.

“Great show, the Aether Brigade. Wish I’d thought of it first.”
–William Shakespeare, 1598


Mr. Washington & Patches by Art Koch 2013Party Games, Hosting & Character Walking

That which takes your party from “good” to “legendary”, that which is commonly called “the Life of the Party”, can be hired, as it turns out. Carousing is an under appreciated art form that we have mastered. You know how you throw a party and you hope that your friends show up and just start laughing together? The Aether Brigade is highly trained to make sure that it doesn’t go down any other way. We may bring down the house whilst on stage but we truly shine in one-on-one interactions. Test the Aether Brigade’s legendary wit in person and let them rub elbows with your guests! Turn the Brigade loose at you event and watch the smiles pile up!

“The Aether Brigade ensures that your party has 100% more life!”
 — Victor Frankenstein, December 1815


Participatory Murder Mystery

A whodunit has never been so inappropriate! Be prepared to learn about the Aether Brigade’s depravities, including about their secret liquor stills, sexually transmitted diseases the crew shares, the killer robots they harbor, how much they hate sensitivity training and of course, murder! Fully interactive: you must question the suspects and bribe them if you can.

“Hilarious and intriguing; I’d party with them.”
–Sherlock Holmes, February 1910

Book Aether Brigade presents “Murder on the Simultaneous” for your guests and prepare for a wild time! (Catering option available: for an example menu look here.)
Mysteary at Nautilis thumbnail version vw

Private Chartered CruisesSteampunk Cruises - WARNING

On a 30 foot, cutter-rigged sailboat or a larger vessel if needed to accommodate your party, cruises out onto the San Francisco Bay may be contracted, departing from picturesque Jack London Square, Oakland. More information on cruises: click here.

“The Aether Brigade always brings something new!” 
 — The Doctor, June-tober, irrelevant year because time travelBon Voyage vLW


See more peaks into the live show: Visit the Aether Brigade Gallery

Contact us for booking information: captain@aetherbrigade.comAether Brigade, circa 1875