If you’re looking to hire us, please contact us at captain@aetherbrigade.com for an estimate, with dates and thoughts on what you’d like us to do (emcee, stage show, character walkaround, or audience games, for example).

The Aether Brigade is seeking artists, technicians and performers. We bring professional ethics to our work.

WHERE: Performers need to be near our headquarters is in Alameda, California (ie., Berkeley, eastern SF, northern San Jose or Oakland area). Support positions may be further afield (like audio editors or costumers).

WHEN: Live shows usually occur one or more days from Friday evening through Sunday. Our primary meetings are Sunday afternoons/evenings.

WHO: We are pursuing creations in many mediums and so whatever your interest, we probably have a way to include you.

ETHICS: We do require that you are accepting of LGBTQ life choices, respectful to all genders and ethnicities and that you are not a violent criminal or sex offender.

WE ARE BOOZY BUT NOT DRUNK: We like to drink and smoke and while you do not have to in order to participate in our projects, if it is a problem for you either due to an inability to to moderate your intake or an extreme dislike of proximity to the alchemically enhanced fun of others, consider investing your talents in another project.


Currently, we are hiring for the following positions:

Director of Photography

Where: Alameda area
When: Performance weekends
We need someone to shoot video and/or take pictures. You may double as a performer, talent allowing. If you also are a video editor great, but we do have some ability and equipment for that..

Live Show Roles (performers or technicians)

Where: Alameda area
When: Weekends
Our live shows are primarily sketch comedy and so some experience is very helpful, although anyone sufficiently funny will be considered.

Comics Penciler or Inker

We want the characters in the comics to resemble the live show characters, so a certain amount of familiarity must be acquired. We have a great number of comic scripts written. If you would like to try out to be on our comics team, contact us for a test page.

Audio Editors/Video Editors

When and where: flexible
We have quality sound equipment and are working on upgrading our video equipment. Those with an interest and ability for audio editing, especially could greatly increase our output. It’s comedy and you get to hear all the weird outtakes which can be a lot of fun.

Props Maker

We are always looking for strange artifacts to include in the show from anywhere in time and space (remember, we are time travelers). These props don’t always need to be something specific, meaning if you have something cool that we can show off, we can probably make a segment for it. Sometimes, we do have specific requests.


Where: Alameda area
When: flexible
Working with our costuming team is a trip because we always have weird requests: the show is about time-travelers and we have a growing collection of disguises from throughout space and time, so an interest in historical clothing is plus. Our world is also a science-fiction/fantasy setting so creativity is a must for making weird accouterments, future fashions, etc.


Where: Alameda area
When: flexible
Work with our director, Corey Holden (AKA Captain Lucky) who does this full-time, or any of the rest of the cast and crew. Duties will be assigned based on interest and ability but may include: technical theater, graphics production, audio/video editing, social media, logistics, business communication, office work, costume/prop creation and/or sailing a boat.