“Welcome to the Circus”

In which the newly formed crew prepares the Time Ship referred to as the “Bucephalus” for launch in a field surrounded by a faux circus, “The Grackle & Fly”. An alchemist experiments on fellow named Igor and disposes of some failed test subjects. Finally, there is a disaster at the Aethertech Industries Medical Conservatory and Animate Kennels at the edge of field.

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– The Players:
– Announcer, Captain Lucky Peddycord and additional voices by Corey Holden
– Miss Cashabel “Toppy” Topaine and additional voices by Gwynn Tavares
– Mr. Henry Hawthorne, Esq. by Mander Zander
– The Logans, aditional voices and foley services by Leo Livas
– Igor Krovansky by Swift Moon
– Doctor Nebuchadnezzar “Neb” Black by Aaron Reagan
– Lady Elisabeth Dashwood by Ruth Sears
– “Leftenant” Emma O’Connell by Kate Martin
– Cabin Boy Doctor Sir William Thomas “Silent Tom” Hackney III, MD, PhD by Spencer Stecko

– director and producer: Corey Holden
– head writers: Gwynn Tavares & Corey Holden
– additional writing by Kate Martin & Leo Livas

– The Music:
– “Winner, Winner” (the Announcer’s song) by http://incompetech.com
– “Sailing, Sailing” (composed 1880 by Godfrey Marks) performed by “The Gypsy Queen” (a carousel organ converted from 52-key pipe organ in 1865 by Alexandre Gasparini)

– Download the the mp3 or the m4a, as you please.