Toppy – Precognitive Pilot

Name: Cashabell “Toppy” Topaine, Prisoner no. 1

Role in the Brigade: Precognitive pilot of the Time Ship Simultaneous, mischief maker, technically her rank is “Prisoner”.

Toppy, played by Gwynn TavaresBefore the Brigade: Toppy’s special gift was there from birth and she used it to help the children in her neighborhood as a sort of detective, but one day it drew the attention of Aethertech Industries. Considered their greatest success (and failure) in a secret program, her precognitive power increased greatly and thus also fractured her mind. Treated as a prisoner, trained to be an aethership pilot for the Transdimensional Navy, she languished terrorizing the other psychical pilots of the aethership fleet until one day she was liberated by Silent Tom and Lucky.

Favoured weapons: Explosives, but Toppy is rarely surprised and extremely resourceful, forever realizing in advance what she will have on hand to use.

Vices: Explosives, general mischief and cats.

Interesting fact: Haunted by that which she can not easily explain or perhaps prefers to lie about, Toppy paints things that have been, things that probably will be and things no one else will ever understand; generally they assume this is due to Pre-Trauatic Stress Disorder.