Mina – Lycanthrope Expert

Mina of the Aether Brigade! Lycanthrope Expert
Name: Corporal Wilhelmina Alice Lowe of the Aether Brigade, but they often call her Mina (or Willy when her back is turned)

Role in the Brigade: Lycanthrope expert, hand-to-hand and melee martial master, wilderness scout and mysterious loner.

Before the Brigade: Mina found herself constantly pursued by wolves of all sorts throughout her life. Left orphaned, she did whatever she could to survive, meaning she was no longer be on the run from only wolves, but the law as well. Working unsavoury jobs to make ends meet, Mina met Lupia, a werewolf hunter who taught Mina everything she knew until the day Lupia was bitten. After leaving her mentor for dead and grieving the loss, Mina was captured and sentenced to death, only to be pardoned on the condition that she use her knowledge to help the Aether Brigade. Mina joined the crew from her native era of 1903, so she makes fun of the crew for being “old-fashioned”.

Favoured weapons: Silver-plated broad axe, bartitsu-style fisticuffs, the fl├ęchette cannon and a figure to die for.

Vices: Sex, violence, drinking and hats of course.

Interesting fact: When asked for a last request at the beheading, prior to being pardoned, Mina gave the location of all her hats and requested to be buried in them. All of them. Shortly after meeting Neb, Mina came to despise fezzes and proceeded to burn all of her own.