Captain Lucky – Hunter of the Unliving

Name: Captain Archibald Lucky Ignatius Calvin Peddycord – Lucky chose his own name for Confirmation and insists on being called by it.

Role in the Brigade: Captain (much to the crew’s chagrin), instigator of celebrations and resident expert on the unliving.

It is unknown why Lucky was selected for a commission in the Witchfinder Army, much less given such an important command; the man hardly resembles a proper British Officer. During visits to the Brigade’s native London, Lucky is shunned from Officer’s Clubs and firmly dubbed a bounder.

Captain Lucky of the Aether Brigade!Before the Brigade: Lucky had a large, loving family and though they were poor East-enders they were content; all except Lucky, who was bored with the tremendous good luck that he acquired at an early age. (Aethertech Industries has since certified that an aetheric symbiote with the tendency to influence probability has become attached to Lucky.) He had been considering attempting to cause his luck to go bad when, at the age of 17, he found his so-called ‘lucky’ top hat. The hat was infested with an aetheric parasite which immediately began trying to kill him. His luck and his cursed hat finally in balance, he found contentment at last: he began hunting the monsters that his hat attracted to him. Lucky’s early career consisted of combating the unliving for the London Office of Unliving Defense (L.O.U.D.). For 14 years, he was a bounty hunter specializing in the animate dead. He gained quite a name for himself, especially in the Irish and Chinese slums in Limehouse where he has been known to accept a bottle of whiskey and a hearty meal as payment for his services.

Favoured weapons: Dual 1877 Colt Single Action Army Revolver (The Peacemaker), Aethertech Industries Omicron Wavelength Projecticator

Vices: Too many to list here; his philosophy is everything in moderation, especially moderation.

Interesting fact: Lucky carries many lucky items such as a horseshoe, a bronzed four-leaf clover, a piece of wood (for knocking), salt (for throwing over his shoulder), religious symbols from around the world in order to keep the deities on his side, a rosary or two and of course, his lucky hat. His hat is a bit worse for the wear, but he refuses to replace it and even sleeps while clutching it. Lucky abhors the idea of carrying a rabbit’s foot: he has seen too many dead things animate.