Emma & Scaffy – Chief Engineer & Floor Sweeping Automaton

Name: Lieutenant Emma O’Connell, chief engineer of the Time Ship Simultaneous

Role in the Brigade: Chief engineer, always busy repairing, upgrading and designing modifications while drinking absinthe.

Captain Lucky of the Aether Brigade!
Before the Brigade: Emma helped her father run his successful research and design shop and had more practical engineering, mathematics and physics under her belt by the age of ten than most men hope to gain in a lifetime.
Sadly, while in her mid-teens, her father was killed in a boiler explosion that left her right arm paralyzed. Emma built a mechanically assisted exoskeleton for the arm that allowed her to regain the use of it, however her father’s death left her in a difficult position. The executor of her father’s estate made plans to marry her before she was of age to legally take control of her father’s company. Emma had no interest in him or his plans and escaped to the shores of Scotland in a balloon fashioned from the many layers of silk that was to be her wedding dress.
She was approached, she says, by Aethertech Industries’ top recruiter, a man she will say little else about. His request was as intriguing as it was inevitable that she would agree: to design a drive to yank an aethership through time.

Favoured weapons: Her mechanically enhanced arm and her large tool. No, not the one that vibrates, the spanner.

Vices: Absinthism, sapphism and raging hysteria.

Interesting fact: The “leftenant”, as the crew refer to her, built herself a little floor sweeping automaton named Scaffy and she loves to adorn him with hats. She built him to love her, which is great, but the rest of the crew, considering the floor level graffiti on the ship, aren’t so sure that Scaffy agrees.