Upcoming Public Appearances

Contact captain@aetherbrigade.com for booking information!
(We’ve been doing private shows, with Epic Immersive, lately (Summer 2017); most notably for Google.)2017 September, 22nd – Tipsy Time Comedy & Variety, Dragon Theater, Redwood City, CA
The Aether Brigade presents a comedy cabaret of nitwit proportions! Special guests: Vixi Vale burlesque, ribald songs from McPuzo & Trotzky, and Shell’s Bells contortion!

Past Appearances

2017 August – Infernal Motel, Rathskeller Club, San Francisco, CA
Presented by Epic Immersive and not an Aether Brigade event, per se, however the performers who portray Captain Lucky and Habadashery both played central roles in this immersive theater piece about Dante (of the Divine Comedy) and what he’s been up to in last seven centuries, since he went back for a second trip through the afterlife. (UPDATE: INFERNAL MOTEL IS COMING BACK FOR A SECOND RUN, OCTOBER through NOVEMBER! Tickets are sold out (again), so be sure to sign up for an email alert, should any become free!)

2017 January 20th-21st – The World Famous Edwardian Ball, Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA


Captain Lucky and Leftenant O’Connell team up with Nona Fender and the Benders to keep the Vendor’s Bazaar stage making all sorts of ballyhoo!

2016 November 7th – Captain Lucky’s Sexy Brexit at Monday Night Hubba, DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
Captain Lucky and Leftenant O’Connell host a burlesque tribute to the UK’s exeunt of the European Union. Featuring Frankie Fictitous, Maggie Motorboat, Mooseknuckle, Lady Satan, Vixi Vale, Dorian Dietrich and more!

Frankie Tea Cup v0

Mysteary at Nautilis16

Aether Brigade presents another MysTEAry at Nautilus Tea Company!

2016 October 22nd — MysTEAry 2016 at Nautilus Tea Company, Sacramento, CA, hosted by the Aether Brigade
The Aether Brigade presents an original, interactive murder mystery with tea and light buffet all evening! Find out more in this article!

13262429_10104954622084429_2072160726_o2016 October 14th, 15th & 16th — Epic Immersive‘s Matthew Briar & the Age of Resurrection, San Jose, CA partners with the Aether Brigade
The Aether Brigade partners with Epic Immersive to present an immersive science fiction tale set in the early 20th century!

scvcomiccon 2016 Aether Brigade Library Bards2016 September 30th — October 2nd – Santa Clarita Valley Comic Con – SCVCC, Hosts of Honor
The Aether Brigade is your Hosts of Honor where geekdoms combine into a pan-fandom pandemonium celebration!

13271631_10104954606655349_1543122110_o2016 September 23rd, 24th & 25th — Epic Immersive‘s Ancien Regime, San Francisco, CA
A hilarious, immersive reenactment of the French Revolution at San Francisco’s Fort Mason as part of Come Out and Play San Francisco! The Aether Brigade goes undercover as French peasantry, ready to lampoon the aristocracy. Buy tickets here!

High Desert Steam's Victorian Steampunk Ball 20162016 September 17th – High Desert Steam’s 6th Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball, Virginia City, NV
Captain Lucky returns as the MC for the third year in a row! Imagine an antique, wild west boomtoon with an unusual level of opulence, preserved and actively catering to tourists. Now imagine all that Victorian finery and you, in your steampunk duds, shaking your bustle at the finest ball in the west! Featuring the Nathaniel Johnstone Band and the Velveteen Band!

Fridays starting 2016 June 24th through July 8th – The Mystic Midway‘s Midwayville at SoMa StrEat Food Park, San Francisco, CA
An interactive game on an unprecedented scale! You came for the food, you came for the beer, but went away with gold in your heart as the magical, mystical, terrible Midwayville unfolded around you! (Check out this preview video!)

Aether Brigade vs Lee Presson at Clockwork Alchemy 2016!

2016 May 27th-30th – Clockwork Alchemy, San Jose, CA
California’s premiere steampunk convention with live music, workshops, vendor halls, second stage shows from the Aether Brigade & so much more! Check out this article on what the Aether Brigade will be up to this year at Clockwork Alchemy!

2016 May, Friday the 13th — Hubba Hubba Revue’s Murder Mansion, DNA Lounge, San Francisco, CA
2016 April 8th – Toppy had a guest appearance in Hubba Hubba Revue’s Cartoon Funhouse
2016 April 1st-3rd – Hosts of Honor at ConQuest Sac, Sacramento, CA
2016 Mar 19th-20th – Two Events:
– Cpt. Lucky, Lt. Emma, Silent Tom & Bob, the Green Faerie: supernatural security at the Iron Horse  Family Steampunk Carnivale, Perris, CA
– Toppy and Cpl. Mina, AKA “The Bomb Squad”: educative presentations/running amok at High Desert Steam Con, Reno, NV
2016 March 13th – Blue Victrola’s Panic and Give Up, San Francisco, CA
2016 February 27th – The Sacramento Steampunk Society’s Steampunk Emporium and Bazaar, Sacramento, CA

2015 Appearances

2015 December – Hubba Hubba Revue “A Hubba Hubba Christmas Carol”, San Francisco, CA
2015 November – Hubba Hubba Revue “Steam Heat”, San Francisco, CA
2015 November – SacTrek, Sacramento, CA
2015 October – MysTEAry! at the Nautilus Tea Company, Sacramento, CA
2015 October – Epic Immersive: Matthew Briar and the Age of Resurrection, San Jose, CA
2015 October – Steam House Con 2015, Turlock, CA
2015 September – 2nd Annual Steamposium Seattle, Seattle, WA
2015 September – The 5th Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball, Virginia City, NV
2015 September – PacificCon Game Expo, Santa Clara, CA
2015 May – Clockwork Alchemy, San Jose, CA
2015 May – Dublin Spring Faire, Dublin, CA
2015 May – Comedy Oakland at the Washington Inn featuring the Aether Brigade, Oakland, CA
2015 May – Intergalactic Expo, West Sacramento, CA
2015 April – High Desert Steam’s Biggest Little Steampunk Expo, Reno, NV
2015 March – The Aether Brigade presents “Secret Supper Show for Sinister Scientist” at DangerCon: Professor Mondo’s Dangerworks Conclave, Sacramento, CA
2015 February 26th – Comedy Oakland at the Washington Inn featuring the Aether Brigade, Oakland, CA
2015 February – Valentine’s SpeakTEAsy at the Nautilus Tea Company, Sacramento, CA
2015 February – Steamathon, Las Vegas, NV
2015 January – 2015 World’s Faire (of the Edwardian Ball), San Francisco, CA

2014 Appearances

2014 November 1st – Honest Abe’s Imagination Celebration at the Nevada Museum of Art, Reno, NV
2014 October – Halloween Time Traveler’s Soiree: an Open House for the Island Yacht Club, Alameda, CA
2014 October – Shannon McCabe’s Vampire’s Ball, Roseville, CA
2014 October – HRM Steampunk Symposium, Sacramento, CA
2014 September – High Desert Steam’s 4th Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball, Virginia City, NV
2014 September – “Berkeley Laughs” TV Show, Berkeley, CA
2014 August – A half hour show for the Relay for Life charity, Davis, CA
2014 July – Obtanium Works‘s Contraptor’s Rally, Vallejo, CA
2014 July – High Desert Steam‘s Biggest Little Steampunk Expo, Reno, NV
2014 June – Rock Wall Wine Company’s Urban Palette: Art & Wine Experience, Alameda, CA
2014 May – Clockwork Alchemy, San Jose, CA – Featured Guests!
2014 April – KrakenCon, Oakland, CA
2014 February – Sacramento Steampunk Society Swap Meet & Steampunk Emporium, Sacramento, CA
2014 January – Guest appearances on two episodes of “The Emperors of America Podcast” with Corey Holden (and Captain Lucky)
2014 January – Guest appearance on “Authors on the Air” interview with author Jim Musgrove

2013 Appearances

2013 December – The Aether Brigade exhibition at the Peninsula Museum of Art, Burlingame, CA
2013 December – Aether Brigade on Display: Wine and Cheese Reception and Live Performance at the Peninsula Museum of Art, Burlingame, CA
2013 September – High Desert Steam’s 3rd Annual Victorian Steampunk Ball, Virginia City, NV
2013 September – Willits Community Theater: adults only!, Willits, CA
2013 September – Kinetic Carnivale, Willits, CA
2013 August – The Other Office, Old Town, Sacramento: ‘Another Evening with the Aether Brigade’
2013 July – Steamstock, Richmond, CA
2013 May – Clockwork Alchemy & FanimeCon, San Jose, CA
2013 May – Biggest Little Steampunk Expo, Sparks, NV
2013 May – East Bay Steampunk Documentary – Watch the short film here
2013 April – Nova Albion Steampunk Exhibition, Santa Clara, CA
2013 March – Good Game Con, Oakland, CA
2013 February – Steampunk Emporium and Swap Meet, Sacramento, CA

2012 Appearances

2012 November – LosCon 39, Los Angeles, CA
2012 November – Con-Volution: the Next Step 2012, Burlingame, CA
2012 October – KOFY TV Halloween Party, San Francisco, CA
2012 October – Steamstock, Richmond, CA
2012 August – “An Evening with the Aether Brigade” for the Sacramento Steampunk Society – The Other Office, Sacramento, CA
2012 August – Creepy KOFY Movie Time – KOFY TV, San Francisco, CA
2012 May – Clockwork Alchemy & FanimeCon, San Jose, CA
2012 April – “Forward to the Past” by DeWitt Cheng, East Bay Monthly
2012 March – Paranormal Schoolgirls on YouTube
2012 February-March – (Feb) Artists of the Month, (March) encore Artists of the Month – Back Yard Coffee Co., Redwood City, CA

2011 Apearrances

2011 December – Creepy KOFY Movie Time – KOFY TV, San Francisco, CA
2011 December – 1st Place in the Steam Explorer’s Consortium – Great Dicken’s Christmas Fair, San Francisco, CA
2011 July – an informal zombie hunt – Nevada City, CA
2011 July – CombatCon, Las Vegas, NV
2011 May – FanimeCon, San Jose, CA
2011 May – Best Friends Club – The Tin House Studio, Grass Valley, CA
2011 April – guerilla theater – Cafe Mekka, Nevada City, CA