Aethertechnological Industrial Applications (a division of Aethertech Industries presents: Bespoke Insults!

Take your merely insensitive comments and raise them to the level of offensive jeers!

Why go to all the effort of “being nice” when you can hire the professionals to venomously drive everyone out of your life with the flick of a tongue! One xenophobic customer that used our service made SURE no one came to his funeral!

LIMITED TIME OFFER: Get four letters for the price of three!

…And now, try a cup of steaming hot covfefe! Why insult one person when you can insult massive swaths of the population, sometimes everyone in the world! Made hot and fresh around 2AM, EVERY DAY! Delivered to the world by the pigeon delivery service “Cooter”!

NOW, FECK OFF, YOU DRUMPF-STAINED, FUCKLE-BERRY CRUNCH BAR! (No insult intended; example insult void if used in the real world.)