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crimson vanguard proofAether Brigade Crimson Vanguard Commission & Uniform

Buy an enlistment or commission (YOU pick your rank!) in the Aether Brigade’s Crimson Vanguard and get a free shirt as uniform! These are hand silk-screened on the back of a weathered red T-shirt by us. Any size up to XL! (Larger sizes available for a small mark up.) The first 20 orders, get the Aether Brigade Clocktopus logo silkscreened on the pocket area complimentary!

The Aether Brigade that most people are familiar with is 1st Battalion, Company A, the Simultaneous Task Force, but the Aether Brigade’s most fanatical, most zealous, most fearless, never-say-die, never-let-them-see-you-bleed, bad asses are 4th Battalion, Company X, the Crimson Vanguard! Known for charging into the “splatter zone” (first row at Aether Brigade shows where they will receive preferential treatment), the Crimson Vanguard is readily recognizable by their uniform shirts. crimson vanguard tshirt flatsAs an unusual perk, all Aether Brigade are required to salute the Crimson Vanguard elite, no matter their rank! (Something to do with snipers… I missed the orientation.)

Aether Brigade Crimson Vanguard Commission & Uniform:
$25 + $5 shipping = $30

Thanks for considering supporting the Aether Brigade’s comedy! Without support from our biggest fans, like you, we wouldn’t have someone in a red shirt with a target on their back standing next to us.

It’s so steampunk, it’s metal.
(But no, actually it’s cotton.)

Aether Brigade FlasksAether Brigade Flasks $30

We create a new flask design every month and every design remains available to you.

Specify which design you would like:
– Aether Brigade Clocktopus Logo (8oz. or 6oz. Black or Engraved)
– Aether Brigade Emergency Rations (4oz. Engraved)
– Aethertech Industries Ladies of Truth and Progress Logo (6oz. Black inking)
– Aethertech Industries Fancy Ogre Wee (8oz. Black inking)
– Captain Lucky’s Hard Dixon Cider (6oz. Black inking)
– Aethertech Industries’ Instant Escape-in-a-Bottle (6oz. black inking

Aether Brigade Flasks: $25 + $5 shipping = $30
AFTER PURCHASE you will receive an email with options for flask design.
Please allow up to two business days for a reply!

Captain Lucky's Hard Dixon Cider
Aether Brigade Emergency Rations