This is a preview of the upcoming Illustrated History of the Aether Brigade in “The Shrunken Ship”, page 2.
Story by Corey H. & Gwynn T.
Pen & Ink by Gwynn T. (Toppy)

Aha! Toppy has explained that the Time Ship Simultaneous hasn’t moved, but shrank instead, making the lake the ship was hovering over appear to be an ocean. Poor Igor is sensitive about his size to begin with. Silent Tom seems to think that this is an impossibility.

Some people have commented on the spelling of “honour”. Silly yanks: it is the British spelling, to which we will try to be true when spoken by Brits, however our familiarity is not as great as it could be. Do kindly point out any British English spelling mistakes.

And, no, that is not a grammatical error in the last frame: Lucky is lamenting having “led [them] all to death” in the same way that you might “eat yourself to death”.