UPDATE: Lucky is back in San Francisco for at least a year, through summer 2018, possibly longer!

A big shake up has gone down over the course of the last year, here in the Aether Brigade. Captain Lucky is moving to the Vancouver, BC area and is looking to start a new chapter of the comedy troupe that you’ve come to know and love-hate, or hate-love –whatever! In fact, he’s already there, though remaining under the radar, for now. And so, he bids San Francisco a fond farewell.

“What will become of the Aether Brigade, San Francisco chapter, you might ask? Well, Toppy is currently on sabbatical in New Zealand and, when or if she comes back, she may opt to press onward, or move elsewhere. Only time will tell!

In any case, if you live in the Vancouver area, and you think you’re funny and love time-traveling costumery, make sure to contact the good(ish) Captain at captain@aetherbrigade.com!