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Hoo, doggie! Lookout, rustlers! Lucky ‘n’ Lefty are on the dusty trail to serenade yer chapped hides! There’ll be dinosaurs and dinosaur corralin’, ‘n’ most like some hootin’ ‘n’ hollerin’, too. (I don’t think I’ve ever used so many apostrophes in a sentence!)

You’ll find us singing somewhere, or drinking somewhere, or galavanting with the dinosaurs. Lucky will be hard to miss with his ten-gallon hat!

Introducing our good friend Mister Christion McGowan, the latest honorary Aether Brigade member, towering over us!

Also! Hit Lucky and Lefty up for an Aether Brigade Tee-shirt or, because St. Patrick’s Day looms, a green “1-UP” shirt with an 8-bit beer stein on it! Only $20!

To our dearest supporters, Wild Wild West Con does not allow buskers, like us to ask for tips, but you ARE allowed to give them, so, please if you see someone performing around Old Tuscon, and they enhanced your experience, and you can afford it, then drop a couple bucks in the hat. Stuff our box with some love. Buy us a beer. Applaud. There are many ways to give back!

See ya soon, pilgrims.
Yeah, no, I heard it as soon as I said it. I’ll try something else, next time…